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General FAQ Q1. What is the difference between trading in my car and using your services to sell my car?
A1. The difference between the two is we will help you to get the current market retail price by selling your car privately from the comfort of your own home. Whereas by trading your car in you only get a wholesale price on which the dealer then makes a profit by retailing it. Q2. Do I have to get involved with the potential buyers of my car?
A2. Not at all, we do it all for you from taking professional photos of your car, advertising your car, taking phone calls from interested buyers, taking them for a drive and negotiating the best possible price for your car. Q3. What about all the paperwork involved in transferring and selling a car?
A3. Having over 10 years of experience in the motor trade our team will take care of filling in all the paperwork involved in selling your car and we will even notify the RTA of the changes. Q4. Where does my car stay while it's being advertised to be sold?
A4. Your car will always stay in your possession and you can use it as normal till the day it gets sold and you get paid for it. Q5. What if my car gets damaged while it's being driven by you or the potential buyer?
A5. Our team is fully insured for any such unforeseen circumstances just like you are covered by your comprehensive car insurance policy. Q6. What happens if you are unable to sell my car?
A6. We have a "No Sale, No Charge" policy. 99% of the times we will sell your car quickly as we will be selling it at a very competitive price in accordance to the current market ensuring you still make more money than what the dealer would have offered you in the first place if you would have traded the car in. So it's a win-win for you in the end. Q7. How much time will it take for you to sell my car?
A7. Depending on the make, model, km's etc it may take anywhere between 2 days up to a couple of weeks to execute the sale after advertising your car. The quickest turnaround for us has been within 36 hours.
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